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Sustainability in the modern packaging world

Sustainability means the responsible use of finite resources in such a way that the long-term satisfaction of needs and the preservation of the natural regenerative capacity of ecosystems are guaranteed.

We implement sustainable packaging solutions by using films made from renewable, bio-based raw materials or by using recycled film material.
Both types of film can be processed on BVM packaging machines.

Added to this is packaging in paper with our new Papertec series.

The latest generation of the BVM paper packaging machines can be used for full-wrap packaging of products for shipping in pure grade paper without  plastic coating or other additives.

Our mechanical engineering is sustainable. We make sure to install environmentally friendly, energy-saving components in BVM packaging machines. The most important element is efficiency: Those who focus on sustainability in production and in day-to-day operation save costs. To this end, we have converted our lighting in all buildings to LED lighting and also purchased a large-scale photovoltaic solar system, which produces 90kW/h in peak, covering more than 43% of our total electricity consumption. With 5 company-owned charging points, our e-vehicles such as forklift trucks and cars from the BVM fleet are also supplied in this way. Energy costs in particular can be reduced through the sensible use of resources – we consistently switch off machines or lighting that are not needed.

Comparison of CO2 emissions

Unprinted paper vs. film
Paper 80g/m2 unprintedPaper 120g/m2 unprintedPaper 150g/m2 unprinted
Grammage g/m280120150
Emissions in kg CO2e/m20,11920,17880,2235
Compare withLDPE 30 my transparentLDPE 70 my transparentLDPE 100 my transparent
Grammage g/m228,265,894
Emissions in kg CO2e/m20,06640,15490,2213
Delta to respective column  -44,30%  -13,37%  -0,98% 
Printed paper vs. film
Paper 80g/m2 printedPaper 120g/m2 printedPaper 150g/m2 printed
Grammage g/m280120150
Emissions in kg CO2e/m20,15890,23840,298
Compare withLDPE 30 my printedLDPE 70 my printedLDPE 100 my printed
Grammage g/m228,265,894
Emissions in kg CO2e/m20,08850,20650,295
Delta to respective column  -44,30%  -13,38%  -1,01% 

Which packaging project can we support you with?

More efficiency in packaging your products – according to your requirements, we support you with our packaging machines.  Our machines can be used in a wide range of sectors: As an innovative manufacturer, we offer packaging machines for foodstuffs, mail-order products, textile products, textile returns, shipping packaging, print and paper products, multimedia products, chemist shop and household products as well as for other industrial sectors.

BVM packaging machines are ideally suited for contract packers, graphic products, office supplies, thermoforming, automotive accessories, building materials, semi-finished products, medical sector, beverage industry, entertainment sector, candle industry, wood industry, industrial accessories and sporting goods, among others.

Whether film packaging machines, packaging machines with shrink tunnel, poly packers, side sealers, tubular bag machines, banderoling machines, tight packers or tray and wrap-around case packers – BVM offers you the right packaging machine for your needs.

Whatever products you produce: We provide you with the optimum packaging solution for them. No matter whether it’s paper, carton, shrink-wrap or film packaging.

Thanks to modular components, all BVM packaging machines can be customised to provide the perfect packaging solution for your needs. The customised machines are quickly adapted to your production conditions.

You did not find what you were looking for? Or have any questions about our packaging machines?

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