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CountryMachine typeMachine typeProduct packaging
GermanyMailmasterWacker Chemie AG Silicone blocks
GermanyCompacta 5022 EMS Rose Bikes Logisitzentrum Bicycle accessories
GermanyComtex 4 G Arvato AG Textile returns
AfghanistanSP 6230 W Günther Spelsberg GmbH + Co. KG Control boxes
SwitzerlandCompacta 7534 EGS Migros Verteilbetriebe-Systeme AG Cosmetic bottles
GermanyCompacta 5022 EMS Peters-Gute Backstube Baked goods

GermanyCompacta 5022 EMS SKF GmbH Linear bearings
GermanyCompacta 5022 EMS Gala-Kerzen GmbH Tea lights
GermanyComtex 4G Witt-Gruppe Josef Witt GmbH Textiles
GermanyGenius 5015 Greifer mit Anleger Peter Hahn GmbH Graphic products
AustriaSM Genius 5015 Prof Kaindl Flooring GmbH Laminate floors
Germany Compacta 7534 EGS Berendsen GmbH Laundry pile
Germany Compacta 5022 EMS AGS Fulfillment GmbH Textile returns
BelgiumCompacta 5022 EGS Pusher Sabert Corporation Europe sa Plastic trays
Saudi ArabiaCompacta 5022 EGS mit Zählstation Gulf Manufacturers Cup bars
GermanyCOMPACTA 5022 EGS KöneckeCans
GermanyCOMPACTA 6010 3Pack GmbH Contract packer
GermanyCOMPACTA 5022 EGS Möller GmbH & Co. KG Profiles
GermanyCOMPACTA 5022 EGS Dr. Quendt Christstollen
GermanyCOMPACTA 4010 Annaberger Backwaren Butter Stollen and Cake

GermanyCompacta 5022 Trend Rentokil Initial Textiles
GermanyCompacta 5022 EMS Max Rischart's Backhaus KG Gingerbread
GermanyBM 6030 Krüger GmbH & Co. KG Products in tray
GermanyCompacta 5022 EMS mit Etikettierer Manfred Schägner GmbH Cup bars
GermanyCompacta 5022 EMS Caritas Werkstätten St. Johannes Mayen Abrasives
GermanyCompacta 5022 EMS Trigema Inh. W. Grupp e. K. Textiles
GermanyCompacta 5022 Trend Esser printSolutions GmbH Operating instructions
GermanyStapelstationGeiger Textil GmbH Wipe covers
GermanyCompacta 7522 EGS Greif Walter GmbH & Co. KG Laundry piles
GermanySM Genius 5015 Prof Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG Laminate in tray
GermanyCompacta 5022 EGS Pusher Pro-Pac Ostendorf Plastic Plastic cup and plastic lid