BVM packaging machines

Paper packaging machines – the most innovative way to package products in an environmentally friendly manner.

Numerous companies in the online trade have set themselves the goal of climate-neutral production in the near future. We support companies in achieving this goal by offering the BVM Papertec series of innovative packaging machines that can be used to implement environmentally friendly concepts.



Papertec 800

  • Volume-reduced shipping packaging
  • Material-reduced packaging
  • 100 % pure grade paper
  • 100 % recyclable
  • 100 % sustainable
  • Reduction of energy costs

Papertec Maxibrief

  • Product width up to 300 mm
  • Product height up to 50 mm
  • Product length up to 400 mm
  • Up to 15 cycles/min.

Papertec 95/5

  • Product width up to 310 mm
  • Product height min. 1 – max. 150 mm
  • Up to 1800 cycles/h.
BVM Bruner GmbH & Co. KG: Papierverpackungsmaschinen, Papertec 800

BVM paper packaging machines

Fibre-based packaging solutions

Paper packaging machines from BVM let you implement the latest requirements in a targeted manner.
The new BVM Papertec series machines pack different products with changing or recurring dimensions in an all-round sealed paper package, with shipping label if desired.

With pure kraft paper, no PE coating and no paper waste, the items are packaged to fit exactly and are ready for dispatch. The pure grade paper packaging material is fully recyclable and compostable.
The packaging can easily be reused by the customer for a possible return shipment.

Paper is significantly cheaper than cardboard packaging, for example, and can be stocked as rolls in a space-saving manner and in just one width. The fully automated packaging process in the BVM Papertec systems enables significant savings in personnel costs and material resources.

Paper in the spotlight!

Paper outer packaging is becoming more and more popular on the market. For products with low barrier requirements, such as simple light protection, packaging made from pure grade paper is particularly suitable, as it is easily recycled via the waste paper flow.

The packaging market is currently adapting to the increased requirements in terms of sustainability. Alternative packaging materials are being tested and new packaging concepts are being developed. The paper packaging of tomorrow is being created.

In the last few months, BVM has developed a real alternative to the cardboard box problem in online retailing.

Paper bags instead of cardboard boxes!
Papertec is the name of the machine and the process, which saves space in the warehouse and outgoing goods and reduces disposal costs.

Example based on a T-shirt which is to be packed and shipped:
A paper bag produced on BVM’s Papertec weighs 58 grams – a comparable cardboard shipping box weighs 280 grams. This means an 80% reduction in packaging material. The process produces no additional waste and the end user can easily dispose of the packaging in the paper bin.

Packaging examples with paper

The paper packaging machines are ideal for the packaging of mail-order goods.
Contact us conveniently and without obligation.

BVM paper packaging machines are suitable as packaging solutions for a wide range of sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Print & Paper
  • Household
  • Industrial
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Multimedia
  • Textiles
  • Shipping, E-Commerce & Returns


BVM paper packaging machines in action

 This is how to package today

Gain a first impression of how your products are packaged in paper with the BVM paper packaging machines in our videos.

The Papertec range includes three machine models for fully automatic packaging in pure and recyclable kraft paper.

Papertec 800

The packaging machine for fully automatic shipping packaging in pure grade paper


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Papertec Maxibrief

Shipping in Maxibrief format, cost-optimised thanks to shipping advantages


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Papertec 95/5

Highly flexible packaging, either in kraft paper or in film on one machine


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Serie Papertec

Fibre-based packaging machines: fully automatic packaging in pure and recyclable kraft paper

The BVM Papertec series machines pack different products with changing or recurring dimensions in an all-round sealed paper package. Additionally equipped with scanner and/or address labeller, the machines meet all requirements for shipping.

Papertec 800

The machine for …

  • Performance: up to 12 cycles/min

Papertec 800

BVM Brunner GmbH & Co. KG: Paper packaging machine Papertec 800

Papertec Maxibrief

The machine for …

  • Performance: up to 15 cycles/min

Papertec Maxibrief

BVM Brunner GmbH & Co. KG: Paper packaging machine Papertec Maxibrief

Papertec 95/5

The machine for …

  • Performance: up to 1800 cycles/h

Papertec 95/5

BVM Brunner GmbH & Co. KG: Paper packaging machine Papertec 95/5

Further product range

Further packaging machines: Film packaging machines, air cushion packaging machines and carton packaging machines

Discover our wide range of other packaging machines that can package your products in film, air cushion or carton – manually or fully automatically.


  • Suitable for your specific requirement
  • Standardised or as an individually customised packaging system
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Package securely and safely for transport, as a sleeve or in a bag. Moulding, filling and sealing in a single operation.
  • High-performance, precise and durable

Film packaging machines


Air cushion packaging machines


Carton packaging machines

Our customers have trusted us as a manufacturer of side sealers for more than 35 years.

“Unsere Anforderungen wurden exakt so aufgenommen und umgesetzt wie wir es uns vorgestellt haben. Die Verpackungsanlagen wurden konzipiert und installiert. Alle unsere BVM Compacta Seitenschweißmaschinen laufen reibungslos und zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit.”

Uwe Fröhle
Technischer Betriebsleiter

“Für das Verpacken unserer Produkte, leistet dies seit Jahren eine Compacta 5022 aus dem Hause BVM Brunner. Auch für die Erweiterung unserer Verpackungskapazitäten haben wir uns erneut für die Fa. BVM – Brunner entschieden, und sind sehr zufrieden.
Umfassende und professionelle Beratung, kurze Wege, reibungslose Abläufe und guter Service erleichtern uns unsere Arbeit.”

Reinhard Vogelei
Leiter Technische Großprojekte
Hanno Werk GmbH + Co.KG

Made in Germany

Packaging machines from BVM BRUNNER: All advantages at a glance

We are your manufacturer for packaging machines, for films, papers, cartons and air cushions – standardised or as individually customised packaging equipment.

Our packaging systems – Made in Germany – turn your packaging tasks into real competitive advantages. As a family business, we have specialised for more than 35 years not only in protecting our customers’ products, but also in making the packaging process more economical. Take our word for it.

All packaging solutions are developed and produced exclusively in Reutlingen, Germany. The fact that we develop and produce exclusively in Germany is due to our demand for quality and reliability.

All processes and production procedures comply with the latest energy and environmental standards. Our films are made from 100 % pure grade recycled materials or produced 100 % on the basis of a renewable raw material, both of which are climate-neutral.
BVM packaging machines: Individual machine solutions for shrink-wrap packaging, film packaging, paper and carton packaging.



High-quality, innovative packaging machines – standardised or in special plant construction.



Years of experience in the construction of packaging machines with exclusive production in Germany.


Highly flexible

Own development in special plant construction with short reaction and production times.



Long-term tested standard machines for a wide range of applications with excellent references.



Reduction of learning time and process-oriented developments.



Existing systems and options are overhauled in order to achieve innovative solutions.



The use of high-quality materials, production monitoring and final inspection guarantees 100 % quality.



Customer-oriented spare part and service management.

Which packaging project can we support you with?

More efficiency in packaging your products – according to your requirements, we support you with our packaging machines.  Our machines can be used in a wide range of sectors: As an innovative manufacturer, we offer packaging machines for foodstuffs, mail-order products, textile products, textile returns, shipping packaging, print and paper products, multimedia products, chemist shop and household products as well as for other industrial sectors.

BVM packaging machines are ideally suited for contract packers, graphic products, office supplies, thermoforming, automotive accessories, building materials, semi-finished products, medical sector, beverage industry, entertainment sector, candle industry, wood industry, industrial accessories and sporting goods, among others.

Whether film packaging machines, packaging machines with shrink tunnel, poly packers, side sealers, tubular bag machines, banderoling machines, tight packers or tray and wrap-around case packers – BVM offers you the right packaging machine for your needs.

Whatever products you produce: We provide you with the optimum packaging solution for them. No matter whether it’s paper, carton, shrink-wrap or film packaging.

Thanks to modular components, all BVM packaging machines can be customised to provide the perfect packaging solution for your needs. The customised machines are quickly adapted to your production conditions.

You did not find what you were looking for? Or have any questions about our packaging machines?

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