SC 400 – 1600


BVM Brunner GmbH: Schrumpftunnel SC 400 - 1600


SC 400 – 1600 – the high-performance shrink tunnels

BVM shrink tunnels are equipped with heat-resistant transport rods covered with silicone rubber as standard. Wire mesh belt, heat-resistant plastic link belt with chicane or rotating transport rods for the processing of fine shrink-wrap film are available as accessories for the shrink tunnels. The new hybrid chain is patented, maintenance-free and another highlight of the BVM shrink tunnels. Double ventilation flaps allow the air ducting inside the shrink tunnel to be adjusted separately from outside. The transport speed can be infinitely adjusted on the control panel. A digital temperature controller and an electronic air volume control allow the shrink tunnel to be set at a constant maximum temperature of up to 250 °C.

RAL 5007 – brilliant blue standard paint for our shrink tunnels


Shrink tunnels SC 400 - 1600

  • Plastic link band or mesh band possible
  • No marks on the underside of the product
  • Air volume individually adjustable
  • Maintenance-free hybrid chain, optional
  • Hold-down system for thin graphic products

SC 400 – 1600

Technical data

Pass-through width45...65...85...105...
Pass-through width450 mm
650 mm850 mm1050 mm
Pass-through height300 mm – 500 mm300 mm – 500 mm300 mm – 500 mm400 mm – 700 mm
Shrink hood length800 mm – 2800 mm1100 – 4500 mm1500 – 4500 mm2000 mm
Heating power8,4 – 25,2 kW12,6 – 50,4 kW16,8 – 75,6 kW33,6 kW
Technical data125...145...165...
Pass-through width1250 mm1450 mm1650 mm
Pass-through height400 mm – 700 mm400 mm – 700 mm400 mm – 700 mm
Shrink hood length2000 mm1500 – 2800 mm2400 mm
Heating power42 kW50,4 kW67,2 kW
*Performance dependent on machine type, product and equipment
  • Power connection: 3x 230/400 VDS, 50 Hz, N + PE
  • Insulation layer against heat loss between heating tunnel and outer skin of approx. 100 mm
  • Product inlet and outlet openings closed with heat-resistant silicone curtains
  • Low-noise fan blower, electronically adjustable
  • Working height 850 ±50 mm
  • Special dimensions on request

SC 400 – 1600

Feed systems and accessories

BVM Brunner: Zubehör, Compacta Trend

Compacta 5022 Trend

BVM Brunner: Zubehör, Compacta EMS

Compacta 5022 EMS

BVM Brunner: Zubehör, Compacta EGS

Compacta 5022/7522/10022 EGS

BVM Brunner: Zubehör, Compacta Genius
Genius 5015/7515/10015
BVM Brunner: Zubehör SP

SP 400 – 1600 L/W/LE

BVM Brunner: Zubehör BM

BM 400 – 1600 L/W/LE

SC 400 – 1600

Packaging examples

BVM Brunner GmbH: Packmuster, Schrumpftunnel SC


BVM Brunner GmbH: Packmuster, Schrumpftunnel SC
BVM Brunner GmbH: Packmuster, Schrumpftunnel SC
BVM Brunner GmbH: Packmuster, Schrumpftunnel SC


BVM Brunner GmbH: Packmuster, Schrumpftunnel SC
BVM Brunner GmbH: Packmuster, Schrumpftunnel SC

SC 400 – 1600

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