Comtex 3G


BVM Brunner GmbH: Seitenschweissmaschine Comtex 3G


Comtex 3G – package sensitive products in the appropriate bag with air cushion film.

Air-cushion flat film is used to produce packaging that is sealed on three sides. Working in-line and controlled via light curtains, this machine can alternately process inbound products of different sizes within its size range.

This means that product length, width and height can vary. The products do not have to be pre-sorted.

The machine is set to the maximum possible sizes. Depending on the product width, this creates a film overhang that is sealed off in a downstream side sealing station. By scanning the product during the packaging process and tightly sealing the film overhang in both directions, a tight air cushion film bag is produced around the product on all sides.

Excellent for automotive, spare parts, engines, gearboxes and electronic components, but also for books and pictures, picture frames, etc. 

The air cushion packaging machines are available with or without labelling.


Air cushion packaging machine Comtex 3G

  • Performance-enhanced side sealing station
  • Fully automatic packaging for mail order and returns
  • Processing chaotic products arriving alternately
  • Working in-line
  • Three-sided, sealed packaging
  • Sealing width: 600 mm crosswise, 800 mm lengthwise
  • Product height: max. 130 mm
  • Products do not have to be pre-sorted.
  • Processing of up to 700 parts per hour possible

Comtex 3G

HMI with multi touch function

The Comtex 3G air cushion packaging machine is easy and intuitive to operate via the HMI. All parameters can be accessed and set via the existing menu structures on the touch screen.

BVM Brunner: Touch Panel Control für Seitenschweißmaschine Comtext 4G

Comtex 3G

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Comtex 3G

Feed systems and accessories

BVM Brunner GmbH: Zubehör, Zuführband mit Feldmarkierungen für Comtex 3G Seitenschweissmaschine
Feed belt with field markings
BVM Brunner GmbH: Zubehör, Faltvorrichtung als Platzsparversion für Comtex 3G Seitenschweissmaschine

Film folding device as space-saving version

BVM Brunner GmbH: Zubehör, Wiederverschlussstreifen für Comtex 3G Seitenschweissmaschine
Resealing strips

Comtex 3G

Packaging examples

The air cushion packaging machines are ideal for the packaging of delicate products such as printed circuit boards, spare parts, coated products and products with sensitive surfaces.
Contact us conveniently and without obligation so that we can provide you with extensive information.
Packing example air cushion packaging machine Comtex 3G


Packing example air cushion packaging machine Comtex 3G
Packing example air cushion packaging machine Comtex 3G


Comtex 3G

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Comtex 3G / 4G

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