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BVM Brunner GmbH: Seitenschweissmaschine Comtex 3G


Side Sealer Comtex 3G – the machine for fully automatic alternate packing of inbound shipping or returned items.

Three-sided, sealed packaging is produced by means of half-tubular film. Working in-line and controlled via light curtains, this machine can alternately process inbound products of different sizes within its size range. This means that product length, width and height can vary. The products do not have to be pre-sorted.

The machine is set to the maximum possible sizes. Depending on the product width, this creates a film overhang that is sealed off in a downstream side sealing station. By scanning the product during the packaging process and tightly sealing the film overhang in both directions, a tight film bag is produced on all sides around the product.

A returnable item, ready for dispatch, is returned to the various picking warehouses. The concept originates from the requirement of packaging textile returns in mail order houses and has been extended to shipping packaging through the use of coloured film. The processing of other products such as books of various sizes (Book On Demand) and magazines with inserts (gimmicks) is also possible.

The new generation of fully-automatic mail order and returns packaging line is available with or without labelling. In the Comtex 3G, the operation of the side sealing station has been fundamentally changed to increase performance. This makes outputs of up to 1800 parts per hour possible. A patent application has been filed for this innovation.


Side sealer Comtex 3G

  • Performance-enhanced side sealing station
  • Fully automatic packaging for mail order and returns
  • Processing chaotic products arriving alternately
  • Working in-line
  • Three-sided, sealed packaging
  • Sealing width: 600 mm crosswise, 800 mm lengthwise
  • Product height: max. 200 mm
  • Products do not have to be pre-sorted.
  • Processing of up to 1,800 parts per hour possible

Comtex 3G

More efficient and cost-saving packaging in e-commerce

Whether in the professional high-end sector or in the start-up mail order business – with the new generation of fully automatic packaging lines, you can pack efficiently and cost-effectively at the same time. The Comtext 3G can be used as a shipping system or returns system:

The shipping packaging on a BVM system saves:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Sophisticated packaging stations
  • Storage station
  • Filling material
  • Material costs
  • Time
BVM Brunner GmbH: Seitenschweissmaschine Comtex 3G Versand

The BVM ‘Comtex 3G Versand’ shipping system is the complete system for the bag shipping of various articles directly to the customer, including addressing. Delivery note, invoice and goods are packaged in a PE film bag that fits tightly on all sides, provided with the address label and handed over directly to the respective logistics partner.

BVM Brunner GmbH: Seitenschweissmaschine Comtex 3G Retoure

The BVM ‘Comtex 3G Retoure’ returns system processes shipping returns cost-effectively and items can be returned to storage in their original packaging.

Comtex 3G

Technical data

Technical dataValues
Sealing width600 mm crosswise, 800 mm lengthwise
Product heightReturns up to 120 mm, mail order up to 200 mm
PerformanceUp to 25 cycles/min*
*Performance dependent on machine type, product and equipment

Comtex 3G

HMI with multi touch function

The Comtex 3G side sealer is easy and intuitive to operate via the HMI. All parameters can be accessed and set via the existing menu structures on the touch screen.

BVM Brunner: Touch Panel Control für Seitenschweißmaschine Comtext 4G

Comtex 3G

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Comtex 3G

Feed systems and accessories

BVM Brunner GmbH: Zubehör, Zuführband mit Feldmarkierungen für Comtex 3G Seitenschweissmaschine
Feed belt with field markings
BVM Brunner GmbH: Zubehör, Faltvorrichtung als Platzsparversion für Comtex 3G Seitenschweissmaschine

Film folding device as space-saving version

BVM Brunner GmbH: Zubehör, Wiederverschlussstreifen für Comtex 3G Seitenschweissmaschine
Resealing strips

Comtex 3G

Packaging examples

Packmuster für BVM Verpackunssystem Comtex 3G


Packmuster für BVM Verpackunssystem Comtex 3G
Packmuster für BVM Verpackunssystem Comtex 3G


Comtex 3G

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Comtex 3G / 4G

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