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The Comtex for fully automatic packaging.

Returns and mail order packaging concept  

The Comtex for fully automatic packaging.
Packaging welded on three sides is produced in conjunction with centre-folded film.
Operating in a line, this light barrier-controlled machine is able to process products within its format range, chaotically and alternately as these arrive. This means that product lengths, widths and heights may vary. There is no requirement to pre-sort the products.

In its default setting, the machine is set to the maximum possible bag width. This results in a film excess dependant on the product width, which is welded off in a downstream side seal station. Due to length scanning during the packaging process, as well as the tight welding off of the film excess, the resultant plastic bag is tight-fitting all around the product.

An item which is ready for dispatch or return to storage is fed back into the picking lines.
This concept originates from the packaging of textile returns in mail order companies, and has been expanded to encompass dispatch packaging by means of coloured plastics. It is also suitable for processing other products, such as books of varying sizes (on demand) and newspapers with supplements (gimmicks).

The highlight for the mail order and E-commerce sectors:

Comtex 3G

The new generation of a fully automated mail order and returns packaging line, with or without labelling.

In the Comtex 3G, the method employed by the side seal station has been fundamentally altered in order to improve performance. As such, outputs of up to 1800 parts per hour are now possible. This innovation has been patent-registered.

Both variants, i.e. the returns and the dispatch machine, can be coupled with a fully automated labelling system including data link. It is now also possible to benefit from the further application options of this highly flexible system, such as book on demand and photobook production. Almost 100 Comtex have already been delivered to leading mail order companies around the world.

Technical Data

Comtex 3G

Seal width:

600 mm crossways
750 mm lengthways

Product height:

up to 120 mm returns
up to 150 mm mail order

Further technical details make this fully automated system outstanding:

  • Touch panel control unit with graphic operator guidance
  • Side welding with servo drive for higher packaging output and more precise positioning of the plastic bag in the side welding station
  • Product infeed cycle via high quality, rapid and extremely precise light curtains
  • Product length measurement in the packaging machine combined with discharge belt. Here, the length of the product that has been fed into the packaging machine is measured once again inside the packaging system. In the event of the permissible product length being exceeded, or if erroneous welding of the plastic bag is detected then the product is not side-welded and is discharged via a telescopic belt. This function enables automatic operation without standstills
  • Welding stamp with specially coated trimming knives for finer welding seams
  • Welding system constantly heated with digital temperature control
  • Optimised packaging sequence due to shortened side film transport as well as length-optimised conveyor belts
  • Synchronous processing in the individual stations of the packaging system, resulting in considerably higher cyclical output
    Touch Panel Control

    graphical user interface simplifies operating the machine.

    Intuitive user guidance settings. Input of product dimensions
    at the touch screen.*

    recall of machine settings
    from job settings memory, push-button changeover.*


     *depending on fitted options

    Optional Accessories

    Fully automated return labelling in the packaging machine:

    Products intended for packaging are assigned a dataset during product assessment in the returns department. The product requiring packaged is now transferred from the product assessment to a transport system, which transports it into the packaging machine. Along this transport system it is possible to set up multiple workstations for product assessment. At the infeed side of the packaging system, the labelling system integrated into the machine applies a sticker to the plastic bag fully automatically. The labelling system obtains the data from the respective dataset per PC or host computer. The system can be further complimented by a checking scanner, which acts to check that the products are labelled correctly.