Stretch Bander / Sleeve Sealing Machines

Folienverpackungsmaschine - Straffpacker

The BVM stretch banders use an upper and lower film roll. In conjunction with a film stretching device a tight film sleeve is produced around the product.

The film is stretched by means of rubber wind-back rollers, the degree of stretching being infinitely adjustable. With this system it is possible to stretch wrap product stacks or multipacks of e.g. bottles or cans without shrinking. Alternatively a following shrink tunnel can be used as well.

The products are fed via transport conveyor in line or at right angles. The multipack is either formed in the machine or it arrives already pre-grouped by the customer. The sleeve sealing machine or the stretch bander is using an upper and lower film roll which are welded as a so-called „film curtain". During the transport resp. infeed movement a film sleeve is sealed around the product. In the following shrink tunnel the products are shrunk to a stable multipack which can be safely transported. The shrinking result can be regulated within the heating zones by means of an electronic temperature regulation and adjustable air flaps.

BVM standard-colours

  • RAL 1013 - pearlwhite
  • RAL 5007 - brillantblue
  • RAL 6011 - resedagreen
Technical Data
Touch Panel Control

graphical user interface simplifies operating the machine.

Intuitive user guidance settings. Input of product dimensions
at the touch screen.*

recall of machine settings
from job settings memory, push-button changeover.*


 *depending on fitted options

Optional Accessories

Versions: as BMS 6030 H/ W/ L with combined shrink tunnel mounted on one machine frame or as BM 4030 H/ W/ L resp. SP 4030 JH/W with separate shrink tunnel, type depending on the required capacity.

Product infeed:

manually or fully-automatically, product indexing via horizontal or vertical photocell

Product transport:

depending on product via transport conveyor, accumulation roller conveyor, satted chain conveyor*

Film types:

PE-/PVC-/ and other sealable flat films, film thickness up to 100 my*

Film feed:

with support rollers, motor-driven, infinitely adjustable, control by means of dancer bar

Sealing system:

constantly heated, maintenance free, in conjunction with a digital temperature controller the sealing temperature is kept constant, giving stable sealing quality

Sealing jaw mechanism:

o-mechanical*, with pack protection

Film stretching:
(only stretch banders)

by means of rubber wind-back rollers, degree of stretching circulations system

Shrink tunnel:
(only BMS)

with digital temperature controller and energy-saving air circulation system

Safety guards:

made of aluminium profiles / Macrolon panels according to CE regulations

Electrical Control:

free programmable PLC, operator keyboard with message indicator and memory for specific product settings


cable connecred, srewed plug sockets, contact free wir diode indicators

Air connection:

6 bar on side

Special equipment:

fully automatic, motor-driven size adjustment, format memories held in memory,* infeed, grouping and stacking stations according to product

*except of BMS 6030 H/ W/ L