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Mailmaster - Flow Wrapping Machine

The Mailmaster brings innovation and efficiency to your mailings. The Mailmaster uses the flow wrapping principle with flat film and produces a thight wrap around your products.

The system is suitable for wrapping Magazines, Catalougues, Brochures and Mailing products for shipment.

Because of the tight pack no shrinking is required. Areas where this system can be used are Graphics industry, Logistics, Mailings, Post.

In conjunction with addressing systems a perfect Mailing line capable of 130 packs per minute can be produced.

BVM standard-colours

  • RAL 1013 - pearlwhite
  • RAL 5007 - brillantblue
  • RAL 6011 - resedagreen
    Technical Data


    Flow wrapping machine using flat film with flighted conveyor infeed

    Machine Frame:

    Stable welded steel construction


    Up to 130 Cycles/Minute*

    Format Width:

    From 80mm up to abaout DIN A3 long


    From 80 - 550 mm, infinitely adjustable

    Pack Hight:

    Up to 60mm with Servo Drive*

    Product Infeed:

    By hand in the manual feed station or automatically with feeders and a flighted conveyor

    Size Change:

    Up to fully automatic with electro motors format data recalled, Memory size increased at will*

    Sealing System:

    Constantly heated, maintenance free with digital temperature control

    Length Sealing:

    Overlap seal on the top side of the bag, alternatively a static seal when using polyolefin - film

    Cross Sealing:

    Travelling end seal during the sealing prozess. Low maintenance with tooth belt drive through linear bearings


    AC gear motor working as Master-Slave infinitely adjustable by servo inverter

    Product Infeed:

    With interface belt with photocell and flighted infeed in line, alternatively from the side directly into the flighted infeed*
    Correct product positioning by means of electrical drive in Master-Slave operation

    Product Guiding:

    Take amay conveyor vacuum belt with top belt before the cross seal, outfeed vacuum belt to correctly position products

    Film Specification:

    Polyethylene film - 20 - 80mµ* Polyoefin film - 15 - 19mµ*

    Electrical Control:

    Siemens S7 314 C with Profi bus connection
    Drive control by servo encoding
    Operating with 2 operator terminals possible*


    Cable connected plug/screw systems Non contact sensing with optical indication


    Aluminium profile / Makrolon guards with safety switches

    Air Pressure:

    6 bar

    *dependent on product format and model

    BVM-Systems comply with CE regulations

    Touch Panel Control

    graphical user interface simplifies operating the machine.

    Intuitive user guidance settings. Input of product dimensions
    at the touch screen.*

    recall of machine settings
    from job settings memory, push-button changeover.*

    *depending on fitted options

    Optional Accessories

    BVM vacuum shuttle feeder A3535
    for magazines, catalouges etc.



    L = 120mm


    L = 350mm


    B = 350mm up to H = 30 mm

    B = 280mm bis H =50mm


    product height: 50mm

    Servo Friction Feeder
    for CD's im paper sleeve, cards, booklets or folded products (dependent on product or model)



    60 x 40mm


    345 x 345mm


    5 - 30mm

    Stack height


    Belt Speed:

    40-150 m/min


    Rotary Drum Feeder
    for single sheets 80g/m² Booklets and folded products up to 6mm thickness (dependent on product or model))



    ca. 90 x 70mm


    ca. 420 x 35mm


    max. 6mm

    Stack height

    up to 250mm

    BVM Autoloader
    for continuous, fully automatic filling of the BVM vacuum shuttle feeder s