Packaging samples

BVM Touch Panel Control

graphical user interface simplifies operating the machine.

Intuitive user guidance settings. Input of product dimensions
at the touch screen.*

recall of machine settings
from job settings memory, push-button changeover.*


 *depending on fitted options

Optional Accessories:

BVM Adjustable Draw-Off Rollers*
increase reliability and
minimise film usage.

*registered design

Easy Accessible Film Cradle
makes reel changing
operator friendly.

mounted on the infeed conveyor of a Compacta, the pusher is designed for round products such as beaker lids and reels of adhesive tape. The pusher is easily removed, the infeed conveyor can function either as a feed conveyor or as a pusher unit.
*registered design


Feeder A 3535
for feeding products directly from a magazine stack onto the feed conveyor
of a packaging machine, designed for feeding products – such as journals, catalogues, CDs, DVDs – that can be moved from the bottom of a stack by a shuttle mechanism with suction.

Label Applicator
for applying pre-printed labels or labels printed by an integral printing unit that is available as an option.

available as retrofit unit or integrated in a machine during assembly. Single-wound film can be used with a BVM Centrefolder; the use of single-wound film increases production time by halving the number of reel changes; the Centrefolder unit also simplifies wrapping with preprinted film.